Special: Game of the Year 2021 Awards

It’s the end of the year, so that means it’s time for our Game of the Year Awards! Five categories, five winners, let’s jump in!

Best gaming service 2021

Our first award goes to the best gaming service of 2021, which wasn’t a hard one to decide. Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate) easily takes the crown as it’s one of the best services a gamer could ever wish for. With monthly new additions and guaranteed launch day access to all first-party releases, the value of the Xbox Game Pass is truly undeniable. Being able to play big games such as Psychonauts 2, Halo: Infinite, and many more on day one for the price of your subscription is beyond amazing. It will be hard for the competitors to beat Game Pass in 2022, the service is clearly here to stay and gets stronger every year. We can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for this amazing service. A well-deserved winner!


Best new gaming IP 2021

2021 was a year filled with great games and new IPs. Picking our favorite was a bit harder but in the end, we all agreed that Deathloop had to take the trophy home. It’s crazy how a game about dying over and over again had such an impact. It’s by far one of the more unique and different games out there and just bursts of creativity. It’s currently a PlayStation 5 exclusive but will be available on Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass next year. If you missed out on this one, you won’t have an excuse not to play it next year! Let’s hope this one becomes another successful franchise, we need more Deathloop in the gaming universe!


Best Indie game 2021

A lot of amazing indie games were released in 2021 and a lot of those were of the highest quality. Picking our favorite Indie game of 2021 proved to be rather challenging as we all loved different games. In the end, we picked Kena: Bridge of Spirits as the winner. Although it’s a rather classic game in terms of gameplay, it still is amazing to think this is Ember Lab’s first real game. It’s a gorgeous game that truly comes to life on the PlayStation 5. Underneath its adorable and breathtaking graphics hides a fun action platformer with rather challenging boss fights. If you missed this one, be sure to check it out!




Best multiplayer game 2021

The winner of our best multiplayer game 2021 trophy was one of the easiest decisions. It Takes Two was by far the best multiplayer experience of 2021 and beats traditional multiplayer games such as Warzone, Final Fantasy Online, and even Halo: Infinite. Multiplayer often offers rather the same thing but It Takes Two does things differently. By delivering unforgettable co-op moments, this game simply is unparalleled and should serve as a blueprint for upcoming co-op releases. The touching story, the innovative gameplay elements, it’s all there and it’s why this game deserves the highest of our praise.


Game of the Year 2021

Time for the big one, our Game of the Year 2021! This was a difficult decision again since 2021 had a couple of great games. In the end, we decided Halo: Infinite should take home this ultimate trophy. Why? Because the game simply has it all. The campaign is memorable and shows a more emotional and realistic version of Master Chief. A hero who clearly still suffers from the events of his past but desperately tries to fix everything that he broke. On top of that, you’ll also have access to the free-to-play multiplayer, although not everyone agrees, I think this is one of the best and most fun multiplayer shooters out there. I’m currently at level 89 of the Battle Pass and I’m still enjoying my daily sessions. 343 Industries listens to their community and I’m sure the multiplayer will evolve and become even better over the years. I can’t wait to play more Halo: Infinite!


Physical trophies were sent to corresponding PR bureaus or developers. Sharing using @gamingboulevard is appreciated.