Review: Raven’s Hike

Welcome to our review of Raven’s Hike, a game both fun and extremely frustrating.

No jumping, no walking. Raven’s Hike is an unique 2d platformer in which all movement is based on her Grappling Hook. Help Raven reach the top of the tower, restoring equilibrium and saving the world from oblivion.

Trust on your reflexes or find the safest way through every room, collect all the gems and get out. Who knows what to expect in the next trial? 60+ handcrafted open-ended levels spread through 4 stages filled with puzzles, combat with a dynamic soundtrack by Vincent Colavita.

Raven’s Hike is possibly one of those sleeper hits you never knew existed until now. In all its simplicity, this is a really tough nut to crack and before you know it, you will be wanting to throw your controller against the wall, pick up the pieces, take a deep breath and then throw those pieces against the wall because it did not do enough damage.


It can be that frustrating, luckily I learned to quit games before actually destroying my controller, but I would totally understand if you just started reading this and are looking at the pieces on the ground. Your reactions can not be a second late and that is the entire premise of the game, quick AF reactions in order to beat the puzzle that is Raven’s Hike.

While the puzzles themselves are easy at first, just use the grappling hook to figure out where to go. Having resting places in levels is an added bonus, despite not being able to walk or do anything else really, the resting spots are really needed in this game just so you can take a breather.

As the levels progress, you will suddenly have to start collecting items rather than just grapple your way to the end of the level. Those add in a ton of frustration as you can miss them easily, it all comes down to that frustrating amount of precision and timing.

Now obviously, it does not stop there, there will be moving parts and bits throughout the later levels adding even more fun/frustration to the game, whichever fits you most. I have to say that despite being frustrated often in my time with the game, I did have that glorious feeling of succeeding the level. I just loved the game, but not enough to get rid of the frustration.



In conclusion, Raven’s Hike is simple in idea, easy to play but incredibly hard to master.


Played on Xbox Series X