Review: KnightOut

The time is, knight! Well, it’s out, KnightOut! Enough puns – well, I’m just getting started! So get up your horse, grab your hammer and get ready to build your castle. Let’s dive in.


KnightOut is a build and brawl game for one to four players, scheduled to release in 2017. Let that sink in; 2017. Before I start destroying the game as I did with the castle of my opponents. Let’s talk a bit about the game itself. Each game begins with both teams building a castle outfitted with cannons. Then, all hell breaks loose! Cannonballs fly, stone walls crumble, and your knight takes to the turf, slashing his sword. You win once you’ve destroyed your opponent’s base and killed the king inside!



This is pretty weird since the tutorial shows a different gameplay angle. Sure, the game makes up for it by including said gameplay much later, but that was the sort of gameplay that grasped me the first time I played KnightOut—raiding a castle, tackling traps and enemies. Instead, when booting up the first level, I was thrown into a form of tower defense. The worst part was that the game explained nothing about how to do certain aspects, so I lost a lot of coins in the first few runs.


KnightOut challenges you to be smart about it and try to counter your opponent or make it look charming. The choice is yours. Each castle can be built with tons of different pieces and weapons. The system is built around a “rock-paper-scissors” approach, resulting in endless strategic options. You can build gates, doors, sneaky traps, and much more to enhance your mobility in the castle and catch your opponent while you strike one of your sassy taunts in his face. Remember, the fight is over when your king is dead, so make sure he is well protected.



When your castle is in ruins, grab your sword and charge? The snappy controls are easy to learn but hard to master. (and not in a good way). However, the melee combat is the perfect setup for an epic duel. Use your sword to pierce your opponents or block their attacks with your shield – sadly, the more challenging enemies are pretty one-hit killing machines, which takes the fun out of the game quickly.

Arcade Mode & Brawl Mode

Defend your castle against waves of enemies single-player or co-op with your best friends. Compare how you are doing with the rest of the world on our glorious leaderboards. The enemies will drop gold as you defeat them. Gold can be used to upgrade your castle after each wave of attacks – luckily, the game tells you to do this during the fights; instead of what I did, wait till the end of the level to pick up the gold. Don’t be like me.



Fight against your friends in local multiplayer. It’s either one versus 1 or 2 versus 2, which sets you up for some intense combat. Yelling is unavoidable when trying to manage the best defense with your buddy. The mode features a ton of custom settings to play around with if you don’t like the default or if you feel like experimenting, like how much time you have to build, which things are available to create, do you start each round from scratch or do you build on top of the ruins of your old castle and much more.


KnightOut is a weird game that mixes the rock paper scissors genre with castle building and tower defense. I would have preferred a more natural choice for one of the genres instead of a mixture. The game looks bland and doesn’t feel at home on the Nintendo Switch. Take into account the weird controls that made me miss more shots than I’m proud of, and you don’t get a gratifying experience. 


Tested on the Nintendo Switch.