Review: Cardful Planning

Welcome to our review of Cardful Planning, a game that proves graphics are not needed to make a fun game and boy, is this one really ugly but so much fun!

Cardful Planning is an action-puzzle game with a twist, as you take on the role of a brave little playing card on an epic adventure through a dangerous dungeon. Do you have what it takes to battle your way through 100+ levels and takedown “The Bad Hand” to save your beloved card companion?

Use the four unique suitabilities to solve puzzles and outwit your enemies, and collect modifier cards to boost your value and advance through the dungeon. Featuring retro-inspired 8-bit graphics and five challenging zones, Cardful Planning will take you on an adventure like never before.

FEATURES: 100 levels set across five different zones, Chill, Speedrun, and Fewest Death modes. Four suitabilities to unlock and master as well as Online Leaderboards. Ingenious level design and very retro-inspired 8-bit graphics.



First of all, I am going to sound really shitty when talking about the graphics because well, they really suck and I would say more, they do not fit the small screen of the Switch when playing handheld. They are ugly as F and well, too tiny. I may not have perfect vision anymore, but as soon as I need to start squinting more often than not, I know this is not a “balanced” size, at least not for me…

I was not playing on the newest model switch but on the Switch Lite. I also gave it a go on my second generation Switch (not OLED) and still had issues with the graphics being unbalanced for me personally, I did not have this issue on the TV, but hey, let us be honest, the Switch is a portable console and that is how I prefer it. Always have and always will.

Now the game itself is a great example of a great game being able to score very high and is very enjoyable, heck, I once named Boxboy possibly the best franchise on portable consoles, so my love for these is not coming out of the blue. In Cardful Planning, you are moving cards around, avoiding enemy fire, matching things and so much more.



I would have loved some guidance at first, the tutorial is kind of weirdly short and in my humble opinion insufficient, not that you will not be able to figure things out… You will find your way through it all, but in the end, it could help to be a little clear in your missions at the beginning of the game.

And again, this is really a very cool puzzle game that will set you back for several hours of intense action. Never thought I would write that line after looking at the graphics, but here we are, a more than decent game which was kind of spoilt by its graphics in handheld, so that makes it easy and hard to give it a rating….

In conclusion, I decided to give this game an 8 out of 10, purely because the game is really fun, but I honestly can not give it any higher a rating due to its lack in balance in the graphics department. Play it on TV only and you got an easy 9 though…


Tested on Nintendo Switch