Indie Corner: Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip

Grab some flip-flops and dive into Sprankelwater! Tiny Terry is on a mission, and you are in charge of helping Terry out! Load up on scrap and time to build a car to travel into space! Yes, space!


Terry wants to launch himself into space using his new car. Doing something this calm and reckless will surely make him the talk of the town. Run, drive, and glide through this small journey of significant discoveries as Terry works towards achieving this goal. And that’s all there is to Terry’s story. It’s about a young boy, his car, and much junk to collect. Oh, and a taxi driver job that you will never do, obviously. It’s all about the vehicle. And space.


So, what can you expect? Well, more than the eye will catch. It’s time to Explore a densely packed, tiny, open-world town at any pace and in any way you like. Slow, fast, by foot, by car, by paraglider! It’s up to you. It’s a relaxing adventure game with a wholesome story you’ll uncover through hilarious interactions with weird Sprankelwaterians.

The main goal in Tiny Terry’s Turbo Adventure is collecting Turbo Junk so you can take the highway the mayor built to travel into space. More junk means more boost capacity, so get junk-collecting. It’s everywhere – and by helping out the Spranklewaterians, you can get even more to buy upgrades for your wardrobe, pet collection, and more.

It even features some elements found in Animal Crossing-type games, like catching insects, digging holes, destroying cars, becoming rich, and wearing hats. Okay, maybe it’s also a bit like GTA/Simpsons Hit & Run, which isn’t bad. Unlike those other games, however, this game is made by the creator of Wuppo, which is very good. It means you get their trademark charm, humor, and bizarre worldbuilding. Junk collecting is the most severe task you will do in this game, and Spranklewaterians are 100% serious about the junk in the trunk.


Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip is one of those games you need to experience, and it offers a lot more than it initially shows. When I booted up this game, I was like, ‘What is this even?’ But 10 minutes in, I couldn’t put it down, and I highly recommend it for fans of relaxing open-world games, addicting collections, and/or games with a unique art style and oddball sense of humor.