A Cat and his Boy

Welcome to our review of A Cat and his Boy, a new game boy style game out now on Nintendo Switch.

Leif, the little boy, is feeling a bit sad since that happened. Take on the role of Midnight, the mischievous cat, and help your human friend through a rough time in his life. Use all your feline intuition to help lift Leif’s mood and find value in himself again!

A Cat & His Boy is a short top-down adventure narrative game about a cat that helps a little kid cope with his parents’ divorce. Explore, find items and help other characters to fulfill your mission and make Leif happy!

– Lovely and cozy short adventure with a charming story and cute characters.
– 1-bit art style (black&white!)
– Loaded with digital extras: Game manual, Art gallery, and a Music player.
– A dedicated Meow button!
Great games appear in front of players when they least expect it and while this may not be the best game you will ever play, it sure is one that will catch you off guard. It is a kind of RPG but at the same time, it is just this big adventure with several genres incorporated into one. All while playing as a little feline, it sounds almost too good to be true, being a cat dad myself. Now if only it had a little better guidance from the start, this would be one top notch game.

Not that you really need the guidance, a lot is pretty self explanatory. Though I will say this, your first like quarter hour with the game, it is all just you going WTH am I supposed to do here, then you find out you can use the ducts, you can find mice, you can go outside, … Suddenly you are thrown into a platformer with a big bird trying to attack you, so you have to eventually beat him in order to retrieve your collar.

In itself, this is really a grand adventure that unravels as you go and I will say this, it is kind of weird to see this art style again in this modern day and age for a brand new game, especially considering the weird focus/zoom function we got. I just would prefer this outside screen to be filled up by default instead of the graphical interface we got now. A minor gripe but yeah, it is what it is, I guess.


In conclusion, A Cat and his Boy is both refreshing and fun to play. I wish more games would be this out of the box.


Tested on Nintendo Switch