Review: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If there was one game a lot of Nintendo Switch owners were looking forward to this year, it must have been Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Releasing a couple of weeks after the Pokémon: Let’s Go games, Smash is here to keep the Switch’s momentum as high as possible. Titled as the Ultimate version, this game has big shoes to fill. Is this the Smash Bros. game we’ve all been waiting for?

Everybody’s here

First things first, let’s stress out how amazing it is to see a game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With every new Smash game releasing, Nintendo has to go all out to make it happen. Since it’s the ultimate crossover game, it’s not that easy to get all the localization licenses. We won’t bore you with this procedure but just appreciate the lengths Nintendo is going to make this happen each and every time. Now, every Smash Bros. game comes with some new characters and returning veterans. In the past, we lost characters like Wolf and Pichu in new installments and although fans weren’t really complaining, Sakurai decided it was time to do things differently. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, everybody’s here. That means you can play as any character that ever appeared in a Smash game from the early beginnings on Nintendo 64 to the latest 3DS/Wii U versions.

As if this isn’t enough already, they also added new characters to the roster such as Ridley, the Inklings, and a lot more. Thanks to this, the total of playable characters is over seventy and you can battle it out on over one hundred new and returning stages. This truly is the Ultimate version of Smash we’ve all been dreaming of but the fun doesn’t stop there!

Collect them all

As if having the biggest playable roster to date wasn’t enough, the developers added tons of content into this game. As you already could read in our preview, Adventure Mode returns in the World of Light mode. This is basically an RPG-lite where you have to defeat character after character to eventually beat the final boss. What makes World of Light this good is that it’s a story mode focussing on gameplay instead of amazing cutscenes. The battles are always unpredictable because your enemies are under the influence of Spirits.

Spirits are also new in Smash Bros. Ultimate and replace the trophies from past games. At first, I was a bit disappointed that the trophies were no longer part of the game since I liked looking at all those 3D renders in the past. The more I played World of Light, however, the more I started to appreciate the Spirits. There are literally hundreds of Spirits to collect and every Spirit comes with its own perks. Some will make you increase your punches, while others will make you slightly faster, for example. Collecting these Spirits is extremely fun in the World of Light mode since you never know what to expect and you always have to deal with unique enemies, it’s a smart way to lengthen your gameplay. If you want to obtain the Spirits a bit faster, you can play the Spirit Board mode where you simply pick the Spirit you want to own and hope you end up winning the round. Spirits are gathered from a wide variety of games, including a lot of third party games, it’s basically the ultimate Nintendo encyclopedia.

A more classical approach

If you think the World of Light mode will demand too much of your time, you can always go for some of the more straightforward modes. Classic Mode is perhaps the best example of one. In here, you’ll select a fighter, go through a couple of stages and defeat the boss at the end of your run. The higher you set the difficulty level, the more rewards you’ll get. It’s a fun mode to play if you want to kill a couple of minutes but it’s also a great way to get to know the characters. Since the roster offers a lot of variety and you unlock the characters by completing several goals, you’ll need to invest some time with every character before you pick your main fighter.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

What I love most about Smash is the fact that everybody will find a fighter that fits his or her style most. There simply is one for everybody and the more you practice, the better you become. Next to all the incredible modes, it’s amazing to see that Super Smash Bros. is still an amazing party game after all those years. If you turn on the morphing stages and allow items, it’s a game for the entire family where everybody will have tons of fun. It’s a rather old concept but the formula still works extremely well. There’s something about throwing each other out of the screen that’s simply too addictive to stop.

Play by your own rules

Whether you play Smash to simply have fun with your friends and family or you spend countless nights learning the moves of your characters, I’m sure Ultimate will easily become the best possible version for everybody. Since a lot of gamers buy smash to simply play the Smash mode, Nintendo made sure the team included enough options to keep you entertained. You can easily alter all the important settings before you enter the fight so the Final Destinations, Fox only, no items set-up is still possible. To make things even better, you can save your presets, making it easier to change back to the more party-like approach when you have friends over.

Super Smash Bros Ultamte

It’s truly amazing to see how much freedom you get as a player and how many different faces the game really has. At first sight, it’s a colorful party game for the entire family but the deeper you dig, the more serious it all gets. Smash is the ultimate (pun intended) eSports game and I’m sure a lot of gamers will tweak there skills the coming days. Compared to the other Smash games, this is also the most fast-paced one on the market. Everything happens just a little more fluently than before, clearly pointing out that this isn’t a port but an entirely new version. I’m sure gamers worldwide are ready to explore everything the game has to offer.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an amazing game and a must-have for everybody who owns a Nintendo Switch. It’s the perfect celebration of years filled with glorious video game memories. Packed with content and tons of characters to keep you entertained until the launch of Nintendo’s next console. It’s easily the best Super Smash Bros. game in the franchise and it certainly deserves its Ultimate tag. I’m just a little worried about how they’ll ever top this entry. Needless to say, a game as perfect as this, deserves our perfect score.


Tested on Nintendo Switch